Resident Evil 4 bombarded with negative reviews on Metacritic

remake Resident Evil 4 passing bombardment of negative comments Open metacriticals. No version of the game is excluded: PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5.

THEM reasons? It seems that many people are dissatisfied with the remake and see the original as better. According to the many negative reviews that gave the game a 0 and a 1, Capcom made unnecessary changes such as blade wear or new costumes for some characters.

All versions of Resident Evil 4 are flooded with negative reviews

It must be said that the situation is rather strange. Meanwhile, there is a certain balance in the number of negative reviews for each platform (just over 300 each), to suggest an organized group or someone looking to bring down the average user of the game using bots.

Also, if the negative user reviews were sincere, the dissatisfaction would also manifest on a platform such as: Steaminstead, Resident Evil 4 can count on 97% of the 23,444 positive reviews written by users.

In short, the reviews complaining about the game’s technical problems don’t make sense, even if we consider it perhaps a little more baseless than others.

As a result, such situations inevitably reliability the percentage of average users who seem overly manipulable, at least on Metacritic. In some cases, like the pathetic PC version of The Last of Us Part 1, users’ reactions are more than justified.

For the rest, read our Resident Evil 4 review if you want more information.

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