Cyberpunk 2077 sales push CD Projekt RED’s 2022 collections

Renewed popularity cyberpunk 2077 allowed the match to score sales able to push receipts CD Project RED Inside 2022To the point of making it the second best year ever for the Polish studio.

Looking forward to revealing new details about the Phantom Liberty DLC next June, the development team has announced turnover of approximately 222 million dollars It was Cyberpunk 2077 sales that drove a net profit of nearly $80 million last year and drove those results.

L’next generation update helped rekindle the popularity of the game and the huge success of the animated series. Cyberpunk: Edge RunnersAlthough CD Projekt RED has stated that the print goes well beyond its initial release time, Netflix.

“The popularity of the series and the positive response to the update released a week before Edgerunners’ release had a significant impact on Cyberpunk 2077’s sales and perception of the game, as the user reviews highlight,” said CEO Adam Kicinski.

“This is a clear sign of deeper engagement with our franchise, and expanding its scope is the right direction to go. Another key event in support of the Cyberpunk franchise will be the release of Phantom Liberty, the richly anticipated expansion for this year.”

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