Elden Ring, ray tracing halves framerate on an RTX 4090

Hand Ring received support for ray tracing with patch 1.09 as we know, but the use of this technology is apparently a halving the frame rate even if you have someone very strong NVIDIA RTX 4090.

While the minimum requirements to play Elden Ring with ray tracing include an RTX 3060 Ti, it’s clear that only users with a high-end configuration can enjoy these effects. heavy concessions.

The problem with the update rolled out by FromSoftware lies in the fact that it is not accompanied by ray tracing support. DLSS and/or FSRupgrade techniques that are essential to be able to use such sophisticated and challenging effects.

As can be seen in the figure video Made by Wccftech, where ray tracing is not used with an RTX 4090, it is possible to run Elden Ring at 2160p with all settings at maximum, well over 100fps, but with RTX enabled the situation changes dramatically and drops well below that. 60fps

At this point, it’s clear what the next step is for FromSoftware, FromSoftware which will definitely have to fix this serious shortcoming with the next update and bring exactly DLSS and/or FSR.

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