Resident Evil 4 also has video analysis for Capcom’s version of Digital Foundry

Resident Evil 4 also takes Digital Foundry video analyticsTesting the PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S versions is closing the conversation about comparisons (for now, at least!). remake Capcom’s survival horror.

A few hours after the Resident Evil 4 video comparison by ElAnalistaDeBits British magazine, Higher definition than Xbox Series X versionIt runs at higher resolutions overall than the PS5, but the latter offers better frame rates.

Obviously the numbers drop to the Xbox Series S, which runs the game at 1440p in resolution mode and 1080p in performance mode, but without hitting a consistent 60fps in this case. Of course, this is a problem that plagues PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X right now.

Bringing the rear is inevitably the PS4 version, which doesn’t go beyond 900p and obviously can’t boast of two graphics modes, but settles for 35-50fps on the go, which is outrageous. This is slightly different on PS4 Pro, but the resolution mode has a huge impact on performance on this platform.

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