Elden Ring: A YouTuber made a full explanation of the story, it's only 36 hours long

Wait Hand Ring Erdtree's Shadow It's really hard for many to endure it, but at least the creators haven't stopped making special videos even though two years have passed since the release of the base game. For example, lo YouTuber SmoughTown He recently completed what could be considered a major achievement: he explained the entire story of the game in three videos; 36 hours of footage.

How long could such an initiative take? SmoughTown has actually released small videos explaining the story since Elden Ring's release, but only recently made its full release. The epic trilogy is a true journey, from revealing the backstories of characters like Malenia to theorizing about cosmic mysteries and ideas only touched upon in the game.

THE comments Since producing an article of this magnitude about the Elden Ring is a serious academic achievement, the videos below were clearly filled with words of encouragement and even appreciation. Especially when it comes to the research and in-depth reading that such a task requires.

Elden Ring Erdtree's Shadow, what do we know?

Official information Hand Ring Erdtree's Shadow They're content with the fact that the game was announced without a date and the team was still in full development a few months ago, meaning there's still some time left.

Rumors about Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree continue to point to February, and there's been suspicious activity for Elden Ring DLC-related files on Steam, but that doesn't mean content is on the way.

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