Bloodborne Kart: Sony forces developers to change the name of the game

Now after the game is released, sony Reached out to developers at the last minute Bloody Karting For force a name change to the game due to Bloodborne's blatant copyright infringement.

Just a few months ago, Lilith Walther released a trailer revealing Bloodborne Kart's release date for PC, but there will be a slight change to it.

The game is planned to be released, but will have to undergo a certain delay due to demands from Sony.

Essentially, the game will no longer be called Bloodborne Kart and other elements will likely need to be changed to differentiate the game from the Sony game, and so far we think this will reflect negatively on the game's notoriety. It stood out for its quality but also – perhaps most importantly – for its clear reference to its resemblance to beloved souls.

The future of Bloodborne Kart

Bloodborne Kart, an image of the game

“For this reason, Sony contacted us“The team said in a message, “Long story short, we need to remove the reference to the brand previously called Bloodborne Kart,” they said very clearly.

“We will, but it will involve something specific I'm postponing. Don't worry, the game is still coming out but it will look a little different. “We don't have a release date yet, but we'll let you know as soon as possible.”

In addition to the name change, the developers may also need to change some aspects of the characterization, perhaps most obviously those attributable to Bloodborne, but there aren't a lot of details on that yet.

The game in question is a kart driving game reminiscent of the classic style of the genre, but completely inspired by the atmospheres, environments and characters of Bloodborne. 32-bit style graphicsor the era of the first PlayStation.

“We were honestly waiting for something like this to happen,” the team said, “but the idea of ​​still being able to maintain creative control is exciting!” said. Lilith 'Bunlith' Walther is also the author of the excellent Bloodborne PS1 Demake; In this game she has already proven her ability to manage the reinterpretation of the game through this graphic style.

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