The Last of Us Part 2 fooled the players with trailers, the assistant director was revealed

The Last of Us Part 2 It was highly debated upon release, first of all due to a number of choices Naughty Dog made regarding the plot, but also because Trailers fooled gamers to some extentit makes him believe that certain events will (or will not) happen.

The team actually created gods fake trailer particleswith elements that will not be part of the game in order to avoid spoilers and maintain the surprise effect. Co-director and co-writer Neil Druckmann said he had mixed feelings about this choice.

However, if we need to examine the issue more deeply; necessary to do spoiler so if you haven't played The Last of Us Part 2 and don't want any sort of preview of the plot, don't read on.

Details about The Last of Us Episode 2 (spoilers)

As you know, The Last of Us Part 2 kills Joel, the hero of the first game, in the first hour, and does so in an unheroic way. For some, this was disrespectful to the character and absolutely upsetting. Some were upset that the game's trailers showed Joel and Ellie in a different part of the story.

When The Last of Us Part 2 was released, it was shown in a way that strongly implied that Joel might be dead, but Naughty Dog He didn't want his fans to believe it. In subsequent trailers, the team placed Joel in parts of the game where he wasn't actually present.

In retrospect, Druckmann stated that the study attempted to: Protect fans from spoilers, but didn't take into account how they would feel when they found out what really happened to Joel. Therefore, Druckmann seems to have at least partially regretted deceiving the fans.

We would also like to remind you that The Last of Us Part 2's Grounded 2 documentary has an official release date.

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