Donkey Kong: American museum rebuilt cabinet in giant format for an exhibition

This Strong National Museum of PlayKnown in the industry for its “World Video Game Hall of Fame”, it announced a remake of its arcade cabinet. Donkey Kong inside giant formWith the support of Nintendo of America.

How huge? That’s a lot considering it’s almost seventeen meters (20 feet) tall and overall 370% larger than the original. will be a part of permanent exhibition It was established in the new areas of the museum, which will expand 90,000 square meters and will open in 2023.

The giant Donkey Kong cabin will be completed this spring and will be playable from June 30, 2023.

Donkey Kong cabinet from Strong Museum

According to the museum, the cabin will be visible from the first-floor entrance hall and can be played using a regular-sized arcade board just outside the “ESL Digital Worlds” gallery on the second floor. support Nintendo has not been disclosed, so it is unclear what the manufacturer is doing for the cabinet. He probably provided the game and guaranteed the ability to use it, which is no small thing.

There structure The entire cabinet is made of aluminum, while the motherboard used comes from an original Donkey Kong cabinet (so no emulation). In short, the gaming experience will be similar to the original only in maxi format.

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