Hot Wheels Unleashed: 2 million copies sold, 8 million players

Hot Wheels Released that total sales For 2 million copies: Italian development team Milestone announced this and added more data via an infographic that showcases the success of more. 8 million players.

The discrepancy in numbers is clearly due to the inclusion of the car-based racer in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. significant increase in the number of projects and user base.

Among other things, the user base ever created 1.3 million content and a total of 939 game years: really interesting results for Milestone, which confirms the excellent work the Italian studio has done with the Mattel license.

Hot Wheels Unleashed infographic with game tricks

“We’re always excited to find great partners to help us bring Mattel brands to fans in more new ways than ever before,” said Mike DeLaet, Mattel’s global head of digital gaming. “Milestone has done a great job with Hot Wheels Unleashed and we’re excited that the community loves the game as much as we enjoy making it.”

“Hot Wheels prides itself on having one of the most caring and passionate fan bases in the world: we’re proud that Mattel trusted us to bring the brand to life with Hot Wheels Unleashed and users are responding so well,” said Luisa Bixio, CEO. Turning point.

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