Sony introduces new State of Play dedicated to Final Fantasy 16 with 20 minutes of gameplay

sony just announced Game Status fully dedicated Final Fantasy 16: we will be able to witness an event during the event 20 minute game Taken from the last game of the famous Square Enix series, coming exclusively to PS5 on June 22.

An appointment with flow is fixed at: Thursday, April 13, at 23.00 Italian timeAnd it looks like there won’t be any other titles other than Final Fantasy 16: we’ll have to wait for other Sony-exclusive game announcements.

Meanwhile, there are rumors about a possible PlayStation Showcase ahead of Summer Game Fest, which is ideally placed in the era when the Sony conference that once took place around E3 is always held.

Returning to the main game of State of Play, have you read our exclusive post from PAX East with all the information about Final Fantasy 16?

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