Does Sony refuse to provide the information requested by Microsoft and the FTC for the Activision lawsuit? –

It seems so sony to stay refuse to provide requested information both of them by Microsoft and the FTC itself as part of the federal commission’s lawsuit against the Redmond family to buy Activision.

Sony has been subpoenaed by Microsoft as a relevant element to provide information that can give an insight into the picture of the state of the game market, but according to reports from FOSS Patents Florian Mueller and other sources, Sony will be on point. anti- to the request to provide information and data.

After an initial stage where it stops, it leads to three postponement requests While sending the requested information, before reaching the fourth, Microsoft noted that the reference dates were constantly shifted, which seems to have finally revealed Sony’s strategy or attempt to not appear at all.

Sony reportedly asked Judge D. Michael Chappell of the FTC Administrative Court, which heard Microsoft’s case, to limit or eliminate its presence in the case. It should be noted that with this position, Sony will refuse to inform even the FTC itself, which is pending documents that may clarify the situation.

Given how much the company has spent on the front to request the blocking of the acquisition, it’s a rather daring strategy that it doesn’t want to present itself to the lawsuit to provide a clearer picture of the state of the video game market, since it also seems that antitrust organizations essentially cover the entire video game panorama from Sony and Microsoft. limited to a conflict between the two, so the lack of data on either complicates the precise restructuring of the situation.

On the other hand, it is quite clear that Sony has no intention of sharing sensitive information and data about its business here. At this point, even this information is not official, but we are waiting to understand how the topic will develop, so it is necessary to approach everything with skepticism.

Over the past few hours, we’ve seen how Activision Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick reported on TV that antitrusts don’t understand the gaming market.

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