patch 1.3.0 “Chaos Update” is coming soon, a trailer shows what’s new –

Amazing Vampire Survivorsbecame a real mass phenomenon,1.3.0 update This will bring many interesting innovations. presentation trailer which we report below.

The release date of the update is set for February 9, 2023: Among the new content, we especially note the arrival of a new level, two relics and three unlockable objectives.

This level is called “Bat Country”As the name suggests, it is characterized by a substantial and obsessive presence of bats, and when it comes to the amount of creatures in Vampire Survivors, we know that truly disturbing concentrations can be reached.

In short, we will have to prepare to shoot thousands of bats with this new update. Not only that, it’s coming two new relicsOne of them is Chaos Malachite, which can transform Mortaccio once he reaches level 80.

As the trailer shows, the update appears to have been inspired by Sonic for both the adopted title and some of the features of the new difficulty level that have a connection to Sonic the Hedgehog 3’s special 3D stages.

As promised by Poncle, support for Vampire Survivors continues after its first paid DLC, Legacy of the Moonspell. But in the case of Chaos Update 1.3.0, it is a free addon and the game has also reached mobile platforms in the meantime.

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