Diablo 4: the prices of micropayments have been leaked and the discussion has already begun

Although there is no complete and official information yet, they are already arguing the microtransaction prices related to Diablo 4It is quite open about the costs of some items that leaked to the internet through some images shared on Reddit.

First of all, let’s remember that these are just objects. cosmetics, so they do not have a direct impact on the game and do not change the game balance, but we well know how important even these elements are for generating large volumes of business in the economy of such titles. It can be obtained by spending the in-game currency required for purchases. real moneyactually allows direct purchase of said items.

As an example, in the pictures you can see a mage armor set that requires 2,800 platinum to purchase. Considering that, according to Blizzard itself, the Battle Pass should cost around 1,000 platinums, equivalent to around $10, it’s easy to see how much said armor set actually costs. 28 dollars.

Another image shows another set of armor and mounts for 1,600 platinum, or about $16. It’s easy to spend around $30 or up to $20 to purchase it, considering how stacks of coins work that don’t exactly correspond to the amount needed to purchase the items, but are offered in regular “clips”. armor sets mentioned above.

about still informal and imprecise informationhowever, it is clear that the subject has already sparked controversy among fans, especially as the fierce debate surrounding Diablo Immortal is still alive.

In general, while the idea of ​​microtransactions in this type of action RPG is now quite accepted, many on the other hand, first of all think it’s a sold game rather than a free-to-play game. special price €70 on PC and €80 on consoles in relation to standard editions.

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