Capcom is on fire: Between Street Fighter 6 and Resident Evil 4, a 2023 to be remembered by now

Perhaps this detail has not been emphasized enough. grace status location Capcom during this period, as it had two fairly intense hits on the market. street fighter 6 And Resident Evil 4, especially in relation to critical and general ratings. In fact, these are two of the highest-rated games seen in this first part of 2023, showing how well the Osaka home is still doing, generally confirming in some respects the excellent performances recorded in recent years, but also a remarkable performance. the ability to evolve and transform to further heal and fix certain weaknesses. These two aspects are actually easily reflected in the two titles that have been released in recent months.

On the one hand, Resident Evil 4 did nothing but confirm the goodness of Capcom’s path with the company’s remake of historical survival horrors. However, the task was not clear: The fourth part of the series had some peculiar features in itself that did not make it an easy starting material to shape, because it needed a certain balance and dose of innovation to develop an already consolidated structure. base The result exceeded expectations; Resident Evil 4 has proven to be one of the best remakes Capcom has ever made, and a great game overall, but some technical tweaks will be made and will be fixed within a few days of launch. In any case, given the excellent results achieved in the previous chapters, it was a project that laid its foundations on a success story, thus reinforcing the positive things that had already been done.

Street Fighter 6 instead derives from a different situation: The previous Street Fighter V was severely criticized when it was released for its incomplete state from the time it was released. With its small staff and some oversimplifications on the game front, as well as under-appreciated microtransactions and dynamics in it, launch was almost a disaster and took years to get back on track. The new episode had to undergo a major evolution, and Capcom has shown that it knows how to learn from the mistakes of the past: perhaps even the debut of former series head Yoshinori Ono weighed in on this rebirth. It weighs on many positive elements of the latest Street Fighter, but perhaps some more controversial approaches. In any case, Capcom is compact, reorganized and restart a historical series seemed to have been on a sharp decline for years. Street Fighter 6, which received very high marks from international publications, is waiting for the public’s test.

At this point, although the big names seem to be launching already, we need to see where it can lead in the near future. Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective should not be overlooked, as it is a true gem and is considered by many to be a masterpiece worthy of cult status. Its expected re-launch on June 30 – if it proves to be compatible with the original – will undoubtedly help preserve Capcom’s current “winning streak”, especially on the critical front, but it’s definitely a game that will make less noise than its predecessors. Precedents of 2023. Some legitimate doubts remain for Exoprimal, perhaps the biggest title announced for the rest of the year and due to launch on July 14: we can’t rule out anything at this point, but if that turns out to be true, it’s a great title, then “Capcom is on fire” is indeed verified.

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