Diablo 4: Season of Blood delayed at launch

Blizzard recently posted a message to players on its official forum explaining the situation. Diablo 4 This Season of Blood – what should begin in these moments – Delayed by several hours due to technical problems.

“We encountered some technical problems To address these issues, we will be delaying the start of Season of Blood by a few hours with the current build. We will inform you immediately when we have more information. “We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your feedback and patience.”

Season of Blood, what to expect from Diablo 4?

Recently we brought you an article dedicated to Season of Blood, in which we explained: “Season of Blood, which starts today, October 17, is the second phase of the evolutionary path of Diablo 4, if we want to call it that, Joe Piepiora (co-game director) and “We had a chat with Chris Klepac (senior game designer) along with lead artist Kymba Plushner who talked us through the near future of Diablo. Let’s see what dangers await us in 4 Sanctuaries.”

Tell me, are you going to dive into a Blizzard game in a few hours or are you going to postpone it until tomorrow at this point?

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