Activision Blizzard and Phil Spencer confirm: No games on Xbox Game Pass before 2024

Phil Spencer confirmed this in an interview No Activision Blizzard game future Xbox Game Pass Therefore, there will be no surprise promotions or special celebrations once the purchase is made official.

Spencer echoed Microsoft’s remarks a few days ago when it announced that the first Activision Blizzard games on Xbox Game Pass would not arrive immediately. inclusion in the catalog from subscription service.

“We had a great moment when we acquired Bethesda, where we were able to bring some of their games to Game Pass and thus celebrate the history of the publisher,” the Xbox head explained.

It takes time

Phil Spencer

β€œIn the case of Activision Blizzard, the approval process was very long and there was a lot of uncertainty until about a week before closing when the CMA finally announced their decision, so we didn’t have a chance to work with them on the project catalog,” Spencer continued.

“We are starting this journey since the acquisition process has been completed, but in fact there is work to be done. 2024 was talked about and I think this is a very accurate indicator. I would like there to be some surprises in the coming period.” a few weeks, but not like that.”

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