Diablo 4, developers apologize for last patch and promise not to do it again

L’last patch related to Diablo 4 caused a real uproar among users, etc. the developers apologized For those that did, it promised to handle game updates differently from now on.

Diablo 4 patch 1.1, considered “the worst ever”, is what Blizzard heard loud and clear, so much so that undo some changes introduced with the discussed update.

While the developers tackled the issue during the last livestream, it’s clear that reducing the power of players wrong choiceand although there were reasons behind this decision, the team assured that it would not happen again.

Season 2

Diablo 4, the second best-selling game in Europe in the first half of 2023, has certainly managed to conquer a large part of the public, thanks to its many features that were accepted by both critics and the public.

For Season 2, Blizzard will present a new endgame event with new dungeons and events, a meeting with the World Boss, and more. These will be really tough challenges that can guarantee adequate rewards. The stat system that reduces basic attack damage will also be overhauled.

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