A gameplay trailer featuring The Crew Motorfest, playlists, supercars and a tour of Hawaii

Team Motor Festival Demonstrated in a new way by Ubisoft. game trailers includes playlists, supercars, and Hawaii tourswith the new open world scenario that absolutely steals the show from its obscene views.

As you know, we spent four hours with The Crew Motorfest and we can say that the new episode of the series offers great excitement. improved driving modellots of vehicles and a truly fascinating environment indeed.

This video but it focuses on the content, in this case thematic playlists (in this case dedicated to the world of Porsche), some of the supercars we’ll find in the game, and the scenario that apparently promises great things.

a new adventure

Announced by Ubisoft at the beginning of the year, The Crew Motorfest will try to renew the experience of the legend by introducing it once again. a few improvementsbut also in terms of gameplay and enriching the structure of the first two episodes.

Will the developers of the French house be able to adequately develop this franchise, albeit interesting? Next September 14, the new episode will be released on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | We’ll find out when it comes out on S and Xbox One.

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