Developers announced that Cities: Skylines 2’s editor will arrive in early 2024

Development studio Colossal Order announced the highly anticipated game. editor For Cities: Skylines 2 will be available atearly 2024. Meanwhile, players can register to receive this reward.early access.

How to get an editor

Cities: Skylines 2 editor launch window revealed Mariina Hallikainenthe CEO of the studio, who invited gamers and influencers to test its features before the final launch.

It should be underlined how support was not provided. mode This, in addition to poor optimization of course, was among the main complaints of early buyers of the game.

In reality, some players have already found an unfinished version of the editor among the game files that they used to create the first amateur works, but Huge Order noted that many mods created with the temporary tool may not work when the editor is actually launched.

Many mods will need to be discarded or reworked in the new editor.

Alongside the editor, Colossal Order is working to improve all aspects of Cities: Skylines 2, from overall graphics to visuals.optimization. Let’s look forward to the next patches.

What you need to do to get early access to the editor fill out this form. Participants will be selected based on the quality and number of downloads of Cities: Skylines mods. So early access points will be limited.

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