A lawsuit was filed against Take-Two Interactive for using virtual currency

Get Two InteractiveIt was sued along with its subsidiary 2K Games and faced the risk of a class action lawsuit. stolen And illegal business practicesDue to the non-transferability of the virtual currency used in the sports games of the two companies.

Blame the virtual currency non-transferable disappearing between various games and when the servers of older games are shut down.

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Nowadays even playing golf is financially dangerous

In a complaint filed Nov. 17 in federal court in the Northern District of California, an (unnamed) minor represented by a parent sought “equitable non-monetary and monetary relief” for himself and anyone whose in-game currency was deleted from 2K. Wants games from November 17, 2019 to today.

Games mentioned include those in the series NBA 2K, WWE 2K and PGA Tour 2K. In the lawsuit, you can read that the publisher did not provide a reason or explanation as to why the funds in customer accounts were not refunded or allowed to be transferred, and that customers were not informed about what might happen at the time of purchase. .

This isn’t the first lawsuit Take-Two Interactive has faced. Last year, the company was sued for the NBA 2K series’ trophy cases; According to the accusation, these boxes were designed to psychologically distract players from the financial consequences of their purchases.

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