According to the developer himself, Final Fantasy 16 is Ryota Suzuki’s “masterpiece”

Ryota Suzuki, former Capcom designer was hired by Square Enix to work on the battle system. Final Fantasy 16named the game after him”personal masterpiece” on what you’ve accomplished for the next installment of the Square Enix series.

He is a Capcom veteran for whom he contributed to the development of Devil May Cry 5, Dragon’s Dogma and some Monster Hunters, so he is a developer with a lot of experience and was hired by Square Enix precisely for his ability to create effective action. combat systems.

However, what he did for Final Fantasy 16 would represent the pinnacle of his output, according to what was reported in the celebratory livestream before the game’s launch. After calling the game his “personal masterpiece,” Suzuki later clarified that the priority was to design a game. combat system It is a game that even those who have not played before or are not very experienced in action games can enjoy it”.

He then concluded by saying, “I hope even those who aren’t normally interested in action games are planning to try Final Fantasy 16. I hope this game gives you the opportunity to experience the charm that this kind of game can show.”

Confirmation of the day one patch for Final Fantasy 16 also came from the same live stream and the fact that the game was originally planned on two discs.

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