Dead by Daylight: Two new games announced, a single player narrative and a PvE multiplayer

Behavior Interactive has announced its new projects in the universe. dead in the sunlight It is in development at Supermassive Games and its subsidiary Midwinter Entertainment. These games will take the mythology of Dead by Daylight beyond the main game, giving players “additional ways to experience its world.”

supermassive games It is developing a new interactive single-player game that will deliver “an intense narrative experience filled with powerful life-and-death options set in the world of Dead by Daylight.” More information will be announced in 2023. From this description, we can assume that it will be a game similar to the team’s previous work (The Quarry, Dark Pictures Anthology, Until Dawn).

Mid-Winter Fun instead, it’s developing a new player-environment-environment (PvE) multiplayer game that will address themes of greed and power-hungry, with teams of up to four players taking on a “weird new corner of the Being Realm”.

Apart from games, a movie adaptation of Dead by Daylight is currently in production with Atomic Monster and Blumhouse. The recruitment process continues for the director and screenwriter of the film.

Finally, the first issue of the magazine comic book Published in partnership with Titan Comics, Dead by Daylight will be released both physically and digitally in early June.

Let’s not forget that Nicolas Cage will also be in the game. As for Year 8 content, including the sci-fi episode End Transmission, here are the details.

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