Dead by Daylight: Year 8 content revealed, including the game’s first sci-fi chapter

Behavior Interactive shared the details.8th Anniversary of Death in Daylight, will include four new regular episodes and two additional episodes to be reserved for Survivors. Year 8 will feature Nicolas Cage as well as two as-yet-undisclosed licensed Killers.

In addition to in-game events, new Skins and more, added a few improvementsincluding feedback for meta perk rework, map balancing, camp avoidance, equipment search bar, disconnected survivor bots, and player reports.

In June 2023, End Transmission It will be the new chapter added to Dead by Daylight and will represent the game’s first sci-fi experience. This episode will feature a new assassin called The Singularity, a “monstrous mix of repurposed organic matter and machine parts trying to become the perfect life form.”

8th Anniversary of Death in Daylight

To face the singularity new Toba Landing map He will play Gabriel Soma, a technician who arrives on this remote and terrifying planet with a crew who has died from the demonic power that is hunting him.

“We are excited to take the fear of the unknown to new heights with End Transmission,” explains Dave Richard, Creative Director of Dead by Daylight. “With this new episode, we’re pushing the boundaries of The Entity’s scope and exploring the dark themes of advanced technology, and I believe it will be a terrifying experience for all gamers.”

End Transmission will be published 13 June 2023.

Also, two new Dead by Daylight games have been announced.

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