Overwatch 2: director’s post about canceled Hero Missions angers players

Blizzard announced it a few days ago. Cancellation of Hero Missionsso portion Overwatch 2 PvE Many progression systems and abilities of customizable heroes were introduced with the game in 2019. Clearly the question caused so much controversy that game director Aaron Keller decided to offer clarifications on the subject in a long post. on the game’s official website, but it seems to have the opposite effect. send to anger Judging by the comments, he’s a good part of the community.

In a post that we covered in-depth in an exclusive article, Keller explained the reasons why Blizzard canceled the Hero Mode and the entire build associated with it, and he assured that there will still be some out there, starting with Season 6. story missionsor cooperative multiplayer content that explores the relationships between Overwatch 2’s heroes, events, and story.

Shipment received at time of writing Over 800 reviews, mostly negative. While among the top voters there are those who criticize Overwatch 2’s “2” precisely by the introduction of a genuine PvE component on its own, what’s left now is mostly not a PvP game with microtransactions. available in the original.

“Overwatch 2 was not based on 5v5 PvP, it was created and Justified by the PvE direction. This (written by Keller) is a lot of bullshit to fool the community,” says user Sedos. “This game is dead, it’s becoming something it never was, and Aaron Keller and Jared Neuss are playing it like it’s a good thing to see. A game we love loses its features, adds an incredibly terrible monetization feature, and doesn’t deliver on every promise.”

After reading the article, there are those who are even more skeptical or curious about the quality of the story missions coming this summer, given the scant details Keller has to offer on the subject. what developers have been working on in four years The time from the announcement of Overwatch 2 to its release.

“I’m almost there zero details about upcoming PVE. It’s a bad sign. It’s time to show fans something to give hope. Unless the team thinks PVE isn’t too strong,” he says right here.

According to Pandux, in the post, “There’s nothing the Community would want to know. It doesn’t mention what they’re going to do with the talent system and all the work they’ve done over the past 3 years. It doesn’t mention whether we might see talent in a PvP mode or a PvE mode in the future, why not in the game name right now”2 “, it doesn’t mention why GOTY support was discontinued (Overwatch 1 Game was awarded) Year of the Year in 2016, ed) developing something for over 3 years that no longer exists, no mention of the real reason it was cancelled…” (“run out of resources”) Stop saying “you’re Blizzard, of course you have them”.

These are just a few examples, but considering the cancellation of Hero Missions was met with great enthusiasm for PvE with quests and skill branches for heroes when it was announced in 2019, it’s clear that the community is a bitter pill to swallow. On the other hand, as Keller et al. explained, this decision Maximizing PvP effortsWhat do you think is ultimately the core of the Overwatch 2 experience?

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