Homeworld 3: the strategic game the director always dreamed of making

Home World 3 This dream strategy What Rob Cunningham has been trying to achieve for the last two decades. Cunningham, the director and founder of Blackbird Interactive, had the opportunity to talk about the game in an interview with PC Gamer and revealed that many ideas for the new game for Homeworld 2 were already floating around in his head.

dream game

“It is a great pleasure to finally be able to play the game that has been on my mind for a long time,” he said. Cunninghamhe later added: “In fact, Homeworld 3 is the dream we had for Homeworld 2.”

Homeworld was released in 1999, while Homeworld 2 came out four years later. According to Cunningham, the Homeworld 2 he wanted to make was impossible at that time due to technical limitations. It was not possible to create such large environments, especially with megaliths: “so we had to wait twenty years.”

Looking at the limitations of the first game, Cunningham explained that the biggest issue was space: there was too much space. “We had some asteroids, but that's about it. We did our best to make it strategically interesting, but there were no other decisions to be made in that area. So we had to immediately think about how to land in space.”

The answer was found in the above mentioned megalithsnamely, massive space structures that add an additional tactical level offering new ways to attack and defend against enemies. Moreover, they are also useful for managing movements, as Cunningham explains: “In Homeworld 3, terrain helps the player move, because by selecting units and clicking on them it is possible to instantly reach the selected point.” In short, it is easier to play than the first Homeworld.

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