Something seems to be moving Titanfall 2Published by Respawn Entertainment first major update Reactivating servers for the game after years of inactivity and getting people to consider other possible servers news will come soonA mysterious bet is also being considered in Apex Legends. The update released recently for Titanfall 2,Continue Reading

On the occasion of tonight’s State of Play new trailer related to foam starsWith thisOpen Beta Partythat is, the open beta phase to be played on PS5. Square Enix also took the opportunity to show us new gameplay of this crackling foam-based Splatoon clone. Open Beta party details But let’sContinue Reading

There IMDAAdded to Singapore rating board database Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition An official announcement is expected for the PS5, possibly from Sony PlayStation and Guerrilla Games. The institution’s fact sheet reveals that this is a compilation because it’s intuitive Horizon will include Forbidden West and Burning Shores expansion ItContinue Reading