Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission, pictures and details about the final DLC

DA Salisbury, Kraft’s global brand manager, spoke directly to the PlayStation blog to talk about it. Callisto Protocol: Final Transmissionto reveal some details and pictures between Latest DLC Sci-fi survival horror film by Strike Distance.

when it comes historythis is a direct sequel to the main game events which obviously got worse in prison.

We learn that the virus wreaking havoc at the facility threatens to spread abroad, and it’s up to us to recover Mahler’s data and transmit it off-planet.

Obviously, this means fighting through various nightmares and various atrocities and trying to survive. New items and weapons are coming to help us along the way. Kinetic Hammerpresented as a significant evolution of the standard blunt weapon.

This also allows you to launch melee attacks, from light and fast to heavy and slow, depending on the time the attack button is pressed. Among the new enemies biophage robot or “biobot” as the developers affectionately call it. This fearsome foe is a hybrid of a biophage and a UJC security robotic unit, reminding us that Black Iron is more dangerous and deadly than ever before.

In essence, it’s the disturbing result of a biophage taking over a machine, creating one of the toughest and scariest enemies in the game. But they act and behave in ways that encourage hand-to-hand combat, which is where the Kinect Hammer comes in handy.

It also appears that the last boss Ultimate Transmission is something truly special: “Our goal was to showcase the power of the Kinetic Hammer and let players find the best strategy to defeat the boss, decide when to use melee or ranged attacks, and use the ‘arena to your advantage,'” said Senior System Designer Quinlan Richards. “The Boss uses mechanics similar to Jacob’s and seamlessly transitions from powerful melee attacks to aggressive ranged attacks. Also, to make the battle even more interesting, the final boss will have an ability that will give Jacob an edge for direction”.

As announced a few days ago, The Callisto Protocol: Final Transmission will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox starting June 27, 2023.

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