A new game in development from the authors of Slender Man: The Arrival, here’s the first teaser trailer

Blue Isle Studios, authors Fine: Arrivalthey are working on new game Based on this creepy fictional character. The team released a first trailersPostponing the official announcement to next month, which you can see in the Twitter post below.

As we can see, the teaser doesn’t offer much indication of what we can expect from the new Slender Man game. The footage shows a dark basement and a spooky figure, which is Charlie Matheson Jr. (One of Slender’s foes: Arrival) looks at the camera and the main character as he watches the stairs.

After releasing the teaser trailer, Blue Isle Studios official site Adding a countdown that will expire in the next 32 days of Slender Man: The Arrival 28 July 2023the day when it is reasonable to wait for the announcement of the new project.

There’s a good chance this will be one. Remake of The Arrival, given that what is shown in the teaser trailer is practically one of the game’s sequences, but with a completely new graphic design. We’ll have to wait to find out for sure.

Slender Man is a fictional character who is the protagonist of Creepypasta stories and became especially famous thanks to a series of video games, the first of which was Slender: The Eight Pages, a sequel to The Arrival.

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