Blizzard updates on Diablo 4: lineups, prospects and stability for beta, status of work

Work is continuing snowstormto improve the situation provided by the large traffic of players trying to access the early access beta Diablo 4with an update from the team on the new situation between queues, waiting times and server stability.

The issue had been brought to Blizzard’s attention since yesterday, practically since the beginning of beta early access, and the team had already replied that they were working on the issue. A new update from Blizzard Community Manager official forum seems to confirm that the situation is fixed even though there are still issues that need to be fixed.

Over the weekend, the team has been working to reduce queues and improve server stability, as there were many reports of players being disconnected from a game or receiving an erroneous report that the group “doesn’t exist”.

Among other issues that have been reported and are currently under investigation, there are erratic high usage of RAM and GPU in terms of correct operation of the software, and the impossibility of not being able to join the program noted by several users. a party of other players who are already in the game.

While Blizzard continues to work on resolving these other issues, it has reported that it has improved the situation with wait times in queues to join the Diablo 4 beta. Recently, we saw a trailer presenting the Ultimate Edition contents of the game.

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