Did Battlefield 2042 on PlayStation Plus deliver a 500% increase in player count?

It seems that his arrival battlefield 2042 Open Playstation Plus EA and DICE did very well in the game because – according to unofficial data – its basis The number of players increases by 500% With this descent to the subscription service.

An increase was predictable given the widespread spread of PS4 and PS5 and Sony’s core subscription, but that pace is truly remarkable, even if how much it can hold at these levels is a question.

Battlefield 2042 was included in the Essential tier alongside the March 2023 PlayStation Plus games and is therefore accessible to a large number of users. So, according to data collected by TrueTrophies, which is not an official source, this arrival seems to have led to a huge increase in the user base.

Considering the amount of active users in the game according to the database in question, the player increase in Plus will reach 578% compared to the days before the launch, so being the 31st is a very positive result. most played game fifth position.

Next will be asked if these players will continue to play after initial trials, providing a more stable foundation for EA’s futuristic war shooter, but so far this move has been successful for EA.

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