Xbox Game Pass: 7 games will be out of the catalog at the end of March 2023

with the next arrivals Xbox Game Passalso there seven games destined to be out of the catalog with end of March 2023as usual, with the official app of Microsoft service to report the topics in question.

So let’s see what happens:

  • Double Dragon Neon
  • cluster trucks
  • MLB Show 22
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
  • Kraken Academy!!
  • A Memory Blue
  • Chinatown Detective Agency

Again, there’s no exact timeline, but given the standard way Xbox Game Pass works, we can expect them to be removed. March 31, 2023so if you’re interested in any of these games, it’s recommended that you focus on them to complete them, or jump into the purchase, taking advantage of the availability discounts in the Game Pass catalog.

Considering the mid-March 2023 release, several titles have left the Microsoft service catalog this month, but this service continues to enter new titles in correspondence. Just today, we offer an overview of the 6 games planned for Xbox Game Pass in April 2023, while we await the official announcements after the mid-month games submissions.

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