An infographic about what’s new in Diablo 4: Season of Blood

Blizzard released an interesting one infographic About X, which effectively summarizes the big innovations coming Diablo 4 with Season of BloodIt departs on October 17, 2023 and is therefore now ready for launch.

The most important innovations to be introduced include: vampire powerswill allow you to expand the characters’ abilities with new special abilities. They can be obtained through Mighty Blood and the corresponding Covenant Armor.

New main enemies include Vampire Lord Zir, accompanied by an army of Bloodseekers, as well as 5 new end-game bosses to conquer for higher level players.

New events and much more

There will be new seasonal events Blood Harvest will allow you to obtain Strong Blood and elementals to obtain vampire powers that can significantly change the characteristics of characters and the game itself.

In addition, new, new cosmetic products are on the way Dungeons and World Events, new glyphs and much more. While reminding us of Blizzard’s recent news about vampire powers, we would like to remind you that Diablo 4 will arrive on October 17. SteamHowever, if you have currently purchased it elsewhere, you will need to repurchase it.

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