Forza Motorsport for PC, Digital Foundry’s analysis: It’s better than Xbox but has some shortcomings

Digital Foundry published the version analysis computer related to Forza MotorsportIt turns out to be predictably better than its Xbox Series X counterpart, despite some annoying omissions in terms of options and optimization.

After analysis of Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series There is no way to adjust the use of ray tracing although the hardware can do this at better presets.

Strange behavior on processors

Then there is the issue of scalability andoptimizationIt currently seems to have some issues with processors below a certain range, such as the mainstream Ryzen 5 3600 which can’t push gaming beyond certain frame rates with active ray tracing.

Battaglia is conflicted in his article about the PC version of Forza Motorsport, writing that it is better than the Xbox version but fails to take full advantage of the hardware, especially ray tracing, which he feels was promoted differently than Turn 10 and Microsoft prior to launch. .

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