Battlefield 2042 Season 6: Dark Creations, gameplay trailer and details

Presented by Electronic Arts Battlefield 2042 Season 6titled Dark Creation and is denoted by a game trailer and confirming the release date of October 10, 2023 for PC and console, as well as various details.

DICE and Ripple Effect Studios have expanded the first-person shooter’s content with some unique features; New map called Cloak This brings the two teams face to face in a somewhat tight environment.

A scenario set in Scotland that takes us into a long underground tunnel containing a secret laboratory.

In this new map, players must find some missing soldiers and during the operation also discover many disturbing secrets that definitely add dark elements to the war-based game.

A change of fear

Battlefield 2042 takes a scary turn with Season 6

It seems that such soldiers were transformed into similar war creatures after horrific experiments. zombieThus, it points to something new in the Battlefield universe. Featuring a decidedly claustrophobic style, the new map salvages some elements from the famous Operation Metro and Operation Locker.

For the rest they come too new weapons Like the VHX-D3 assault rifle, the new YUV-2 “Pondhawk” vehicle, and various other new features, exactly as we revealed in our Battlefield 2042 testing exclusive to the upcoming Season 6.

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