The Walking Dead’s fate caught between its mistakes and problems: players angry at the state of the game

It seems so The Walking Dead: FatesThe new video game based on the famous AMC TV series has been released with many games. problems and it worked pretty well annoy the playersfans, especially those who had been waiting for the game in question and bought it on day one, found themselves facing some major troubles.

discussions They affect both specific situations, such as bugs that hinder progress and make the game impossible to complete, and aspects of the game in general, which for many people seem quite rushed and lacking in technical and gameplay aspects.

As for bugs, there seems to be an issue at least in the PS5 version hinders your progress Beyond a certain part of the game, this clearly requires a patch, as evidenced by various creators who have found themselves stuck in the same spot.

Savings production?

Beyond these specific problems, others criticize features The game itself, starting with a specific choice such as avoiding cutscenes and using some types of still images rendered with the game engine. storytelling and the fact that the latter is quite weak, despite being seen as an important element in the game.

Additionally, The Walking Dead: Destinies’ cast appears to leave many major characters out entirely, which would weaken the narrative component of a game based on such a well-known franchise.

Scenes on the other hand Gameplay The footage recorded and shared on social media actually seems to show that there are some problems in the animations, collisions between characters and conflict mechanics.

The Walking Dead: Destinies, which was announced last August, was shown with a trailer along with its release date last month and was made available on consoles yesterday.

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