Alan Wake 2: A video diary focuses on new co-star Saga Anderson

Remedy released a new one today video diary on the development Area Wake Up 2especially focused Saga AndersonA new co-protagonist who will join Alan Wake and play a pivotal role in the story of this sequel.

It looks like this is the first in a long series of video diaries that will let us explore many elements of Alan Wake 2, the next installment of the series scheduled to launch on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X on October 17. |S.

The first episode focuses on Saga Anderson’s creation and character traits.

The woman immediately caught attention with her central role in the events of Alan Wake 2, representing the second playable character, thus introducing an element of innovation compared to the original. As reported by Remedy, the inclusion of two characters as heroes opens the door. “two worlds” parallelit actually symbolizes the different situations of the couple.

“Dualism” and “echo” are recurring elements in Alan Wake 2, and the heroes’ stories are intertwined and interconnected. let it happen remotely. According to the developers’ reports, Saga Anderson’s episode was partially inspired by the HBO TV series “True Detective,” whose atmospheres actually seem to emerge from at least some elements of the presentation trailer for the first season.

It looks like Anderson will be the one to explore Bright Falls, while Alan Wake will mainly act in a different environment that seems not yet fully described by Remedy. dark place He is battling terrible nightmares at Lake Cauldron, where he will stay for 13 years.

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