Diablo 4: patch 1.02 available, changes balance and endgame

Blizzard has already released patches 1.02 related to Diablo 4a fix that fixes some less visible but still important aspects of the game’s mechanics, specifically the game balance and endgameit also touches up on the difficulty of this last aspect.

The minor update is cataloged as a “fix” and aims to fix some pressing issues without changing the game’s content and features too much. With Diablo 4, which has already started to be played intensively by many users who purchased early access over the versions above the standard, the efforts to establish a balance have thus begun.

In particular, we are talking about some changes. cool down timing It is associated with various skills of classes. For example, regarding the Mage, the Flame Shield enchantment has been changed, initially placed in a enchantment slot, and this slot will remain on a full cooldown.

Rogues will have more pauses after using Inner Sight, while Barbarians will see a reduction in cooldown after using Shout. In short, these are minor changes, but their weight is in Diablo 4’s global mechanics.

Also, the fix difficulty with creatures progressing towards this stage of the game that will be stronger and tougher than before. Instead, the update seems to have nothing to do with the strange sign-in issue seen only on PS5 and PS4 that can connect to PlayStation Network. In the meantime, let’s remind you of our Diablo 4 campaign review.

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