Diablo 4: PC and console release date and times reconfirmed by Blizzard

servers Diablo 4 It officially opened its doors yesterday with the launch of Early Access for Deluxe and Ultimate Edition owners, but of course most players June 6 To enter the bunker. With a post on Twitter on this subject, Blizzard reaffirmed the series and reminded all its fans of the series. standard copy release times.

As we can see on the map below, it will be possible to start playing Diablo 4 in Italy from: 01:00 local time. It is not a very comfortable period, but we are sure that many people plan to stay up late to start the game as soon as possible. We also remind you that the preload is already available on all platforms.

Although Blizzard claims that there will be millions of players attacking Diablo 4 servers at the global launch and Blizzard claims that they are ready, unfortunately, it is always useful to keep in mind that unexpected things can happen.

One of them is already known and apparently related to the impossibility of accessing the game due to error 315306 “No valid license found for Diablo IV”, which seems to affect mainly PS5 and PS4 players, but there are no reports of shortages also on Battle.net and Xbox, less albeit

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