Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Physical copies still need to be downloaded

As reported by Mighty Ape, a New Zealand chain store, physical copies related to Star Wars Jedi Survivor they will need a Downloads. The information was also shared on Reddit, as you can see just below, and it is possible to see on the image that “Download required” is written on the cover.

‘Requires Download’ for Physical Release? Source Mighty Ape NZ
with u/Nightwing XII inside fallen order

This is actually not a big surprise, as we already know this. Star Wars Jedi Survivor weighs around 147GB. Ordinary Ultra HD Blu-ray discs can hold around 100GB of data, so it’s impossible to keep your entire game on the disc. Another solution would be to add more disks, but of course this is an additional cost for the EA. However, we don’t know if the disc contains only part of the data, or if Electronic Arts decided to only include the proof of purchase to launch the game and then download the full 147GB of the game from PlayStation. PlayStation stores, Xboxes.

In any case, it looks like those who bought the record will have to make an exit. Downloads. So far, we believe there are very few gamers who have a next-gen console but no internet connection. For those with a metered connection, the problem will likely be more serious (for example, it’s still common in various parts of the US).

If you’ve purchased Star Wars Jedi Survivor in digital format, we remind you that you can pre-load it right on April 26. Instead, the release date was set for April 28, 2023.

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