Aliens: Dark Descent, mixed votes from the international press

Aliens: Dark Descent welcomed by international press with votes it really is the opposite, ranging from 9/10 to 3/10 and seems to paint a picture of a very divisive product that is perceived very differently by various magazines.

  • God is a Cow – 9
  • But Why Tho? – 8.5
  • Game Star – 8.2
  • CG Magazine – 8
  • Sixth Axis – 8
  • Noisy Pixels – 8
  • Pure Xbox – 8
  • GamesRadar+ – 7
  • IGN-7
  • Eurogamer – 6
  • We Covered It – 6
  • Player – 3

Tomorrow, June 20, Aliens: Dark Descent throws us into the atmosphere of the famous movie epic, commanding a team of Colonial Marines determined to face the threat of a Xenomorph horde on Lethe’s moon.

Developed by Tindalos Interactive, the game’s strategic gameplay uses an open map approach with vast levels to explore and a wide variety of tactics that we can apply from time to time to defeat our tough opponents.

However, we were talking about mixed reactions to the game: 9/10 of God is a Geek talking about “one of the most engaging and exciting tactical shooters” the editor has ever tried, 3/10 of TheGamer instead, practically says we’re dealing with a generic XCOM clone devoid of value.

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