Collaboration with Destiny 2: The Witcher begins with Season of Wishes

There Season of Wishes related to Destiny 2 It will be available starting from November 28 and brings collaboration with the series. Witcher This project by CD Projekt Red resulted in a series of objects inspired by the adventures of Geralt of Rivia.

There is a new one among these armor set for each class: White Wolf for Hunters, Mage for Mages, and Kaer Morhen for Titans. Each set is designed to reflect the original inspiration.

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New Destiny 2 armor inspired by The Witcher

Additionally, players will be able to pick up a new ship, the Wolven Storm, as well as a Roach-VGH Sparrow with a Glagolitic script inspired by The Witcher, a Vex skull that attaches to its side, and an engine effect modeled after the beacon. Igni.

Others Accessories Includes a Wolf School skin for the Ghost, who accompanies and aids players on their adventures. Fans of The Witcher’s most iconic scenes will also enjoy the new “Tub Time” emote, which sees Guardians strike Geralt’s signature pose while soaking in a holographic bathtub.

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