You need at least $2,300 to access this limited time NFT game –

Yuga Labs, Owner of NFTs”bored bee” (and everything connected with it), recently released a special game for all Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) members: Dookey Dash. Basically a way to get more NFT. The game is only on time and some Ape owners take advantage of the sales opportunity NFT required to access Dookey Dash: current base price approx. $2,300 (1.49 ETH).

In other words, this game costs over $2,000 and will only be available until February 8, 2023. Meanwhile, some were able to sell their NFTs for higher amounts, up to $8,770 (5.75 ETH). In total, transactions in the last 24 hours are over $12 million (8,394 ETH).

As reported in the Arts Techinica report, some of these transactions are actually money washing (It’s a big problem in the NFT world), but to be precise, a slice of user invests thousands of dollars just to be able to play Dookey Dash.

Obviously not strictly for playing Dookey Dash, because we’re talking about a low-level minigame worthy of any mobile free-to-play made in half a day. No, the point is, this minigame gives you NFT “Power Supply”of varying quality depending on one’s position in a world ranking.

Power Resources can then be used for an event known as “Summoning”, which will be active on February 15, 2023. It’s not clear exactly what this event will allow you to do and achieve, but the truth is, according to Arts Techinica’s report, those who want to acquire these NFTs do so because they hope their value will increase as their number will be very limited.

Meanwhile, players will be able to spend more. crypto ApeCoin obtaining upgrades for use in the game, thereby directly subsidizing Yuga Labs.

We don’t know if the whole process will be successful for Yuga Labs, but according to a recent survey, developers are not very interested in NFTs and blockchain.

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