fixed a decade old bug –

new patches test minecraft solves one insects outlived the game, now it’s ten years old. In fact, many did not even know that this was the case. In Mojang’s game, the character slides to the left while taking damage. It’s been like this since 2012 and has been running poorly ever since, because it has to deflect in the opposite direction of the blow it received. Therefore, if an arrow hits from behind, the character must lean forward and clearly indicate where the damage came from.

At the beginning of development this bug was mod specific. multiplayerbut in 2012 with the merger of multiplayer and single player (update 1.3.1) it expanded to all game modes.

Error occurred viewers We think Minecraft was in 2013, and while not the oldest ever, the community would be pleased that it’s no longer in the game, especially after Mojang pointed it out. how not to fix. But now with the patch MINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 23W03A there was a change (Minecraft snapshots are beta patches where players can try out features that will be added to the game).

If there are no unexpected events, the game will be updated with the fix when it starts. patch 1.19.4.

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