Xbox: Phil Spencer on game-to-film and TV adaptations compared to Sony

Washington Post interview, Phil Spencer He also mentioned Video game adaptations to film and TVI agree that Microsoft still has a long way to go and it certainly does Less experienced than Sony In this compound.

To be precise, Spencer reported that Microsoft is still “at the beginning of the journey” when it comes to the experience of transferring its franchises to other media. But that’s something Sony has been doing for a while now, as well as Super Mario Bros. It’s a step that seems natural for many video game makers, as demonstrated by Nintendo with the recent success of The Movie.

For now, Microsoft has tested the issue with the Halo TV series on Paramount+ with moderate success, but production numbers are still low. “We don’t have the depth of experience Sony has through film studios capable of creating premium video content, and we also Nintendo’s He managed to do a great job,” Spencer explained.

A possible return from Xbox Entertainment Studios?

Phil Spencer, president of Xbox

“I think these important things for the worlds we create for video games,” he said, but Xbox’s president made it clear that this was an area Microsoft needed to invest in, too.

“There was a time when our industry was a little jealous of Hollywood and its creations, then we started to see comic books take over cinematographic themes, and now it seems like video game stories continue to grow in importance because our creative people have the ability to translate their creations to any medium.”

Interestingly, when Microsoft created the division years ago, it actually tried this route even before its competitors. Xbox Entertainment Studios, focused precisely on the creation of trans-media projects, but this was closed in 2014 before stable projects could be created. It’s possible that Microsoft could try something like this again in the near future.

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