No Man’s Sky had its “biggest month in years” with the launch of Starfield

No Man’s Sky It has a long and impressive history: starting with enormous expectations, Hello Games’ game was a disappointment upon release but later managed to recover epically, becoming one of the best space simulations with survival elements in years; It doesn’t depend on any factors other than the capacity of the development team, but it’s interesting to see how they record it”best month over the years” star field launch.

Comparisons between the two games have been made abundantly for years: although they are completely different games, many have wanted to put Starfield and No Man’s Sky on the same level, often attacking the Bethesda game and generally almost always doing it inappropriately. However, there is no doubt that these two titles share various aspectsBoth are based on the exploration of space and planets.

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Therefore, it cannot be excluded that this return to No Man’s Sky may be partly and indirectly due to the media interest in Starfield.

Do space games help each other?

If nothing else, the constant buzz around the Bethesda game has brought the medium back into the spotlight space and thus it is likely that it triggered a general rapprochement with No Man’s Sky.

Sean Murray wrote: “7 years on and No Man’s Sky has just had the best month of the last few years. Across all platforms: PC, Xbox, Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Mac and VR. Welcome to the community.” Just a few days ago the game A new update has arrived with Echoes.

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