Xbox offered Sony a 5-year contract, PlayStation wants “long term” for it? –

According to new documents submitted to the American anti-trust FTC, which deals with the Xbox acquisition case of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, the Redmond company, originally offered Sony a five-year deal for Call of Duty, then stretch it to ten. In addition, according to a report, it is seen that Sony visited Microsoft’s Seattle offices and the two companies were looking for a solution to the problem.

The first block of information comes from Florian Mueller via Twitter, quoting the documentation. It was already known that Microsoft made an offer. ten-year deal It has yet to be discovered for Call of Duty to PlayStation, and the latter declined, but the offer was originally five years old.

Sony and Microsoft meeting in SeattleBy the way, it will be a first for 18 months. However, according to the statement, Sony would request “long-term” access to the Call of Duty license.

We will have to wait for further official confirmation on the matter to understand exactly how Sony and Microsoft are moving forward on the matter.

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