Resident Evil Village, new images of VR mod for PlayStation VR2 –

Sony has released some new images from SG mode related to Resident Evil VillageIt will be available as free DLC for game and VR headset owners starting February 22. Playstation VR2.

A few hours after the trailer announcing the Resident Evil Village VR mode demo is coming, footage shows a shooting range, a sequence where we play the piano, inventory management, and finally, a collision with a werewolf.

As we know, VR mode will allow gaming the entire campaign Resident Evil Village’s virtual realityIt takes full advantage of PS VR2’s capabilities, both in terms of visual representation of the experience and immersive 3D sound and immersion with controllers.

The latter lets you move Ethan’s arms or hold the gun and fire during hand-to-hand combat, but as you can see in the pictures, we’ll be able to try our hand at other types of interaction with the scenario as well.

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