Xbox: Microsoft didn’t ban emulators at Nintendo’s request, rejected

IGN spokesperson via a note posted on the IGN portal Microsoft recently stated remove emulators from the Xbox store It was not the result of a specific request made by Nintendoso he denied the news of the last few days.

Quick summary for those who missed the latest: Xbox banned emulators from its store a few days ago. The removal turned out to be related to some, according to an alleged email sent by a member of the Xbox QA Team, shared on Twitter by developer Alyanna McKenna. legal issues arose with Nintendo.

“The main reason for the ban was related to some legal issues with Nintendo,” the email read. “While emulation itself is not an illegal practice, it can still be used to play games without permission on copyrighted consoles, which could cause problems for Nintendo and its affiliates.”

Apparently, however, this is not correct information, or at least Not the official version of Microsoft. The note, sent by a spokesperson for the Redmond house, explains that emulators are banned from Xbox in order to align the company’s policies with content available in its store, and specifically Xbox. Article 10.13.10 of the regulation.

“The information currently circulating on Twitter is inaccurate,” Microsoft said in a statement. “Our actions are based on a longstanding policy regarding content distributed to the Store to ensure compliance with our Microsoft Store policies. As explained on 10.13.10, “products that emulate a gaming system or platform games are not allowed on any device family. “”

In essence, Microsoft has so far turned a blind eye to the existence of emulators available for Xbox in its store, but has now decided to apply its regulation to the letter, thus removing that content.

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