Curse of the Sea Rats is out, trailer for cartoon Metroidvania released

Curse of the Sea Mice And available on PC and console from today lunch promotion Released in the last few hours by the PQube and Petoons Studio team: a custom metroidvania with strongly cartoonish characterization.

The game is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch and showcases a very special metroidvania-style hybrid action.

The story follows the epic escape of four prisoners from the British Empire who were magically turned into mice by the pirate witch Flora Burn.

All this starts a whirlwind of incredible events in a strange pirate world played by rats, from levels to platforms, fights, boss battles and a wide variety of environments from the Irish coast to the seas around the world.

Made with all handcrafted 2D graphics and the possibility of handling the game in single player as well as 4-player cooperative multiplayer mode with drop/drop functionality, carefully animated to find an effect very similar to several classic animation products.

Between jumps, puzzles to solve, fights and treasure hunts, Curse of the Sea Rats looks like something very special even if you look at the launch trailer, waiting to be bettered.

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