Xbox Game Pass may have surpassed 33 million subscribers, according to an analyst

Since Microsoft has not publicly updated for a while number of subscribers with Xbox Game PassTo have a possible idea about the performance of the service, we rely on the predictions of analyst James McWirther from the Omdia group: users 33 million According to those analysts, by the end of 2023.

More precisely, according to McWirther, the total subscriber share will be approximately 33.3 million users by the end of 2023. 13% growthduring the year just ended compared to those achieved in 2022.

While it's always about growth, the rate would be lower Compared to the rate of 15% recorded in 2022, a certain slowdown is observed in this case, which is reflected in the general trend towards subscription services.

Subscriptions are slowing down

According to some data from Circana, we have seen that the subscription market has remained flat recently, with growth tapering off from the large increases previously recorded.

This could be one too contraction This would typically be the case for the post-Covid era, given that both the standard video game market and the subscription market have grown exponentially in recent years, but the trend would clearly have changed.

In any case, according to analytics company Omdia, Xbox Game Pass continues to grow: More than half of the 33.3 million subscribed users, or 55% to be exact, have an Xbox Game Pass subscription FinalThat is why it is confirmed to be the most popular choice among those available.

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